How to use Feature-Requests for your SaaS business?

Nov 6, 2020
Jan 1, 2021
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Want to collect feedback from your customers with feature-requests?

Collecting feedback from your users is very important to develop the right features and not spend time for nothing building a bad product that could slow down the growth of your MRR.

Last week we saw how important it is to collect user feedback regardless of your industry or usage:

  • Collect & manage customer feedback for a SaaS software,
  • Run Customer Advisory Group (CAB),
  • Internal idea collection and management,
  • Even publish company policies and have employees vote on them before making the final,
  • Governments are using it for municipalities to quickly vote on resources they need to handle the COVID situation.

In this article, we will focus on SaaS software, but we can very well apply it to several recently mentioned businesses.


Your users will ask new features to vote

Your users will ask you for features as your product grows. For several uses cases:

  • Your user's business grows as yours grows and its uses evolve,
  • Your user is using a solution and would like to connect it to yours,
  • He absolutely wants to see a certain feature or else he will go to one of your competitors.

And in the 3 possible cases, your user can "churn" and it's not good for your product, well it's not what you want to see to make your SaaS tool evolve and develop your MRR as high as possible, right?


Why feature-voting?

At the point when we arrived at the purpose of having a ton of clients and client feature-requests with our SaaS, we saw we got more input. The input fluctuated from feedbacks, bug reports & more integrations. Yes, customer feedback is priceless.

How are you currently collecting feedback? Are you using a live chat tool connected to a Trello? Boring...

Your customer feedback looks like this:

  • πŸ’¬ β€œI’m trying to log in, but your page doesn’t work...”
  • πŸ’¬ β€œCould you build an integration with Slack?”
  • πŸ’¬ β€œCan you remove the green button that take too much space..."


feature requests saas upfeed


Solve the pain of customer feedback

What if we offered you a nice alternative with a bunch of features to make your life easier and focus on building a better product?

Upfeed solve this pain by helps you to keep feature requests organized by their status and see how many people have requested each item. Filter requests by time span (days, weeks, months, quarters), Priority level, and Status. You can view reports with all of the above criteria, even by time frame & priority. You can add follow-up comments or communicate with stakeholders easily through our intuitive commenting system, which connects directly to these requests. With powerful filters and sorting abilities, you will master your feature request management process in no time.


Create board to organize your feature-requests

Create boards to better organize your feature requests.

Create boards so that your users can vote according to the categories you choose for your industry.

Let's take an example. Let's say we are a SaaS video editing company, let's take VEED as an example (not only because we love to follow what they do, but because their tool is incredible)

Their users expect only one thing, to be able to edit videos and export them in the simplest of ways. We can see 3 categories of feature voting :

  • Feature-requests related to the product - a new format not yet taken into account, new subtitle formats, new design like the fresh new video from Gary VEE...
  • Native integrations related to VEED: Zapier, Youtube, VIMEO - in order to simplify the export and avoid downloading them on the computer...
  • New languages related to the product: French, German, Spanish...


Users of the VEED tool will then vote for these features and the developers will then build the top features requested. In addition to that, their users will be able to observe your public roadmap in order to know when the feature will be taken into account, is under development or has been published. Last but not least interesting feature. To reassure the new user, developers or product managers can publish the latest changes in a public changelog in order to gather the latest features created and thus see the product evolutions according to categories.



Try a free feature-voting software (that can help you grow your SaaS tool)

Give Upfeed a try! We would be delighted to help you grow your product by offering you the opportunity to join the Startup program we have created. Why create a Startup program when we are a SaaS startup ourselves? We know that every dollar invested in SaaS should be worthwhile and to keep costs down to a minimum, we offer you a fee that simply covers our operating costs. Join the SaaS Startup Program now. Not sure if you are eligible? Contact us by chat and we'd be happy to help you even if you're not a Startup or an NGO.


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