How to create the Best Product Roadmap? (+10 samples)

Nov 23, 2020
Jan 1, 2021
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Are you curious to know how to create your product roadmap?

Announcing your latest product updates is not easy. In addition to a changelog, you can show your users what you are currently working on with a public roadmap.

Creating a roadmap for your product can either help you internally to know what priority can be given to which functionality, or simply show the progress of your product and the next product releases that your users are expecting. Creating a roadmap is a crucial piece of a product manager’s role.

What is a product roadmap?

A roadmap is an elevated level visual that guides out the advancement of your product after some time. The roadmap highlights where your company is, the place where the association wishes to be, and how it will arrive. It is filled in as an accommodating aide for groups to design undertakings and execute on the methodology (e.g. it helps you know where a feature is in its state of advancement, if it is in development, or already published on your product, this can be measured by time or by custom tags)

white paperboard to create product roadmap

10 reasons why you need to create a product roadmap

Creating a roadmap may seem common for some people during the development of your product. We detail 10 justified reasons why you absolutely need to create your roadmap, either internally or public to inform your users.

"The primary reason we want the product roadmap to be visible to anyone in the organization is that product roadmaps represent the plan of execution against the company vision and strategy" — According to Smartsheet

  1. Roadmap is fundamental for organizing the item improvement measure. They guarantee that progressing everyday undertakings line up with and add to your more elevated level business methodology.

  1. Roadmap is simply acceptable arranging, for all the regions that add to an effective product offering. The roadmap cycle drives a cross-practical arranging group to completely look at likely serious techniques and approaches to execute those procedures. Innovation choices are made as a vital piece of the arrangement, not simply a bit of hindsight. 

  1. Roadmap fuse an express component of time. A product roadmap enables the group to ensure that they will have the advancements and abilities at the time they will be expected to complete their technique. 

  1. Roadmap interface business system and market information with item and innovation choices. Roadmapping prompts a group to be explicit as for arranged highlights or execution as far as incentive for clients. 

  1. Roadmap uncover holes in item and innovation plans. Territories where plans are expected to accomplish targets become promptly obvious, and can be filled before they become issues

  1. A product roadmap organizes ventures dependent on drivers. At each phase of the roadmapping cycle, the emphasis is on the couple of most significant things: client needs, item drivers or innovation ventures. The group is incited to distinguish, actualize, create, or gain the main things first, investing energy and assets in the most ideal manner. Likewise, with a bunch of roadmaps in a typical configuration, portfolio leaders are better prepared to settle on the tradeoffs and decisions that meet the enterprise's goals. 

  1. A product roadmap helps set more serious and practical targets. Item execution targets are set as far as the business serious scene. For instance, experience bends are a particularly helpful device for building up industry based targets. Perceiving that a triumphant item system normally can't be everything to all individuals, the group sets targets to lead, look after equality, or slack rivals in explicit territories

  1. Roadmap gives a manual for your product, permitting the group to perceive and follow up on occasions that require an adjustment in bearing. Part of the way toward building up a roadmap is to make a danger roadmap, recognizing those occasions or changes in conditions that signal a need to reexamine and return to the arrangement during the improvement venture. 

  1. Sharing your public Roadmap permits vital utilization of innovation across product offerings. Cross-roadmap surveys look over the plans of a few product offerings to discover regular requirements, capacities that can be utilized, or advancement costs that can be shared. Roadmap can likewise uphold a typical corporate information base of accessible or required innovations. 

  1. Roadmap conveys business, innovation and item intentions to colleagues, the executives, clients, and providers. With a roadmap, a group can plainly disclose to clients and providers where they are going. A roadmap gives clients data they can use in their own arranging, and can be utilized to request their response and direction. With providers, a roadmap is a system for association and bearings setting. The roadmap likewise tells the bigger improvement group, corporate administration, and other advancement groups where the product offering is going. 

At last, a product roadmap manufactures the advancement group. The roadmap fabricates a typical arrangement and shared responsibility for plan, joining thoughts and experiences from colleagues speaking to the numerous capacities associated with a fruitful advancement measure.

Still not convinced that you need a roadmap for your business?

product roadmap
Product Roadmap by Upfeed

Build a roadmap for your internal team

Is your business divided into several segments? Your teams use Trello to organize the product roadmap?

Stop using Trello to build your roadmap in 2020. You must absolutely use a tool like Upfeed to create your roadmap and manage your product's progress on a full-fledged platform. Use internal comments to mention someone on your team and assign them to a task.

Let's take an example, the sales department is in exchange with a potential lead. This lead asks your sales representative for a custom feature. Instead of having to send a message to the development team to find out when this feature will be released, your sales person simply needs to open Upfeed and see at a glance when this feature will be live on your product. Important point, Upfeed can be directly connected to your sub-domain, so the roadmap board belongs to you.

Creating a roadmap for your product will help you see more clearly and clarify your decisions for the future. Building a product roadmap helps you to develop constructive feedback and develop your product in a significant way.

Build a public roadmap for your users

Your product is already online? You must surely receive feedback from your users, are you classifying them correctly?

Being a public startup in 2020 is not a trend, in 2021 it will become the norm. Be part of the public startup movement and build your product with your users. Your users need transparency towards the new tools created.

When you publish your latest product updates, you need to rank your most important features on a roadmap like we've seen before.

If your users see that you are updating your product and keeping your promises, they will trust you. Building a public roadmap adds social proof to your product.

Create a roadmap provides transparency and a better overview of your product

In summary, building a roadmap for your product can be interesting from day one to give you an overview of the progress of the features. Working in blocks helps your brain to analyze faster and write short features without repeating.

With Upfeed, we have built a tool that allows you to manage the reception of feedback, to build your roadmap and to distribute your latest product news within the same interface. Interested in testing Upfeed for free? Sign up for free and build your feedback board.

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