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Frequently asked questions

We know that you have a lot of questions, we've tried to list the most important ones.

What is Upfeed?

Upfeed is a powerful tool for all companies that helps you collect, track & analyze feature requests directly from your users (capture feature-requests, prioritize your roadmap, display your latest changelog & more...)

Can I try Upfeed for free?

Yes, you can try Upfeed for free for 7 days (no credit card required). There is no restrictions on the users.

What's an active user?

An active user is anyone who comments, votes or adds feedback to your project. We'll only consider them an active user once they do one of these things.

Which package to choose?

We decided to make our pricing simple. We estimate that a user who adds feedback is about 5% of your active users. If you have less than 2000 users on your application you can choose the "Starter" plan.

What's the fastest way to reach you in case I need help?

Your business is really important to us and we know that collect customer feedback can be hard. You can contact us via, or via live chat and we'll respond during our working hours.

Can I really cancel at anytime?

Yes, absolutely. If you want to cancel your plan, simply go to your profile and cancel in the account page. If you do cancel, you will continue to have access to all the premium features until the end of your billing cycle.

Is there a secret plan for young Startups?

Yes. There's a secret annual plan for young startups. Is my Startup eligible >

Read customer reviews

Over 1,000 websites across many industries use Upfeed to collect customer feedback.
Upfeed has given us a better overall picture of what our customers are saying. That directly ties into our roadmap for product improvements and allows us to be more customer driven. This is a game changer!
user feedback testimonial male pink
Pavlen — Product Manager
Thank you for your help, the tool is amazing to gather feedback from our customers. Your support was excellent and very FAST.
female user feedback upfeed orange
Marion — CMO
Following the creation of our feedback board, we have seen a massive decrease in the number of support requests. Our users can see the public roadmap of our product and it's awesome!
user feedback testimonial male purple
Vianney — CEO
Gives us a scalable way of having direct relationships with our customers.
user feedback testimonial male green
Idriss — CEO
It's so nice and easy to use! And the team is amazing. Upfeed clearly replaces our old Trello boards.
user feedback testimonial male blue
Andrew — CMO
After playing with Upfeed for an afternoon I am seriously impressed. This is the board feedback have been waiting for. Coming to every podcast and channel creator in 3 2 1…
male user feedback upfeed green
Thomas — Product Manager
Upfeed is more modern, easier to use, and just a better overall experience, built for exactly what we want it for.
user feedback testimonial male green
Terence — Customer Support
Clearly a must-have if you work in SaaS. We have joined their Startup program and it is very advantageous if you are creating a tool to collect user feedback.
user feedback testimonial male purple
Jules — Indie hackers

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