How to collect Feedback for your SaaS?

Dec 2, 2020
Jan 7, 2021
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Finding and using customer feedback can be an extremely beneficial asset to a SaaS. Here’s our experience with collecting feedback and helping clients, customers, and prospects give us their honest opinions.

SaaS is very exiting, but with fast growth comes reality. Build a product your customers love, and they won’t be shy about sharing their feedback with you. However small SaaS startups usually don’t have the budget to hire dedicated customer support staff to handle user requests nor to spend time on writing customer case stories. But we can still collect customer feedback to make our product even better for them.

What is user feedback?

Are you looking for benefits on effective feedback? We will detail in this article several benefits to have for an efficient and accurate return for your SaaS business

A little reminder from Ben Horowitz:

“Giving feedback turns out to be the unnatural atomic building block atop which the unnatural skill set of management gets built," wrote Andreessen Horowitz co-founder and venture capitalist - Ben Horowitz

Why collect feedback for your SaaS?

Collecting feedback for your SaaS is hugely important, but it often gets ignored. You should fix this issue immediately because collecting feedback can make or break your business. This guide will walk you through the various methods of gathering feedback and how to get started with each one. But first, let’s talk about why you need to collect feedback in the first place.

It's a question every SaaS company asks themselves: how can I collect user feedback from my customers and prospects? The on-going quest for customer feedback has lead to the growth of more products than anyone could possibly count. And the crazy thing is, almost all of them work. But which ones are worth your time and money? You won't know until you try them yourself!

Customer feedback should be at the heart of any SaaS business. Getting customer feedback will help you make product decisions and provide an invaluable insight into what makes customers tick. That said, it can seem like a daunting task to get your customers to leave you an honest review. Here at Upfeed, we’ve built an app that helps you do just that. We’ve seen it become a key part of building a successful SaaS business.

Here are 3 ways we’ve found to help you collect customer feedback for your SaaS.

3 Rules to help you collect customer feedback for your SaaS

  • Explicit: "Input ought to have a reasonable business," says. Viable criticism explicitly integrates with a bigger generally speaking objective as opposed to being nonexclusive. 
  • Convenient: "Input should be offered as close as conceivable to the activity being referred to," says Lipman. "It looks bad to state, five months sometime later, 'You know, Tom you made a staggering showing building up that new canine food back in April.'" The window of having the option to think about conduct and change it has passed. 
  • Significant: "Add substance and accuracy to the administration message”. There's a period and spot for backslapping—however not when giving powerful criticism. Great input gives significant and noteworthy proposals of how to change a conduct or change course and adds extra settings that may have been initially missed.

Giving effective feedback is not an easy thing, but it should be. With these 3 tips above, you should be able to give effective feedback today. Communication is the key to effective feedback. If you don't communicate with your employees or your users if you are a business that sells things, you don't get optimal feedback.

talk users effective feedback

To help you as a SaaS owner or a product manager, we have created a perfect solution for you called Upfeed.

When we created Upfeed, we didn't know how to sort the feedback our users were giving us. So yes, we could make a Trello board to gather all the feedback we receive by live chat like Crisp or Intercom by our users, but it's really not practical...

So we created Upfeed to condense efficient feedback from your users. 

Concretely, why use Upfeed for your business to build effective feedback?

In summary, with Upfeed, your user is independent and therefore you receive less support requests regarding the request of a potential new feature. Handy, isn't it?

So, what is the secret to gather a perfect Effective Feedback?

To conclude this article and answer the question of how to collect effective feedback in general and more specifically for your SaaS business. 

Gather a perfect effective feedback is not easy.

It’s important to value your user, otherwise your product will not work as it should.

Listen to your user if they suggest a feature. A user who suggests a feature to you can be considered a power user for your business, you need to listen to him to constantly improve your product.

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