13+ Free SaaS tools to use for business in 2021 (Ultimate list)

Nov 12, 2020
Jan 1, 2021
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Today the market is full of new SaaS tools. Ok, that's great, but do you really need a stack of tools at +1000$/month when you don't generate revenue yet? The answer is obviously no, as you can imagine :)

This article is for you since we have prepared the ultimate free tool stack for you to use when you launch your SaaS tool. We have selected the tools we have used in the past and are still using today at Upfeed.

Disclaimer: If the tool we put forward does not offer a free public price, ask them by message, you will see there most SaaS tools offer a free package for young startup & NGO.


13 Free SaaS tools to use in 2020 when you launch your business

  1. Notion
  2. Waitlist API
  3. Figma
  4. Zoho Mail
  5. Crisp
  6. Upfeed
  7. Zapier
  8. Phantombuster
  9. Mailerlite
  10. Loom
  11. Ubersuggest by Neilpatel
  12. Scout Suggest
  13. Grammarly


1. Notion

Notion is no longer a tool to be presented as it has grown in recent years. No more Google boring suite, you can organize your workspaces to infinity in the most beautiful of ways. Start brainstorming your ideas on Notion. Organize them by table, by column, by lists... Create a real database of your company if you start scaling.

Notion offers a free plan, you can even share your work plan with up to 5 guests.

Check Notion website

notion workspace website free

2. Waitlist API

This second tool is a bit more technical but once implemented, it easily replaces tools like ViralLoops. WaitlistAPI allows you to create waiting lists on your product and create milestones to motivate pre-registered users on your site to share their referral link for faster access. In short, a great tool to create your next waiting lists.

Check Waitlist API website


waitlist API free

3. Figma

Figma is an incredible free tool to create mock-ups of your applications. Available in webapp or directly in mac or windows applications. Figma allows you to design your SaaS. With its many plugins and its huge community, you have a really complete tool. On top of that, you can invite your collaborators to come and work on the next layout of your SaaS pages for free.

Check Figma website

figma website design free


4. Zoho MAIL

Do you have a domain name for your application? All right, now you need to create a professional email linked to your domain name. You can do this via Google but here we are looking for free alternatives. Via its email management tool, Zoho offers you a 100% free alternative to Google. All you have to do is show Zoho that you are the owner of your domain name by dropping a text file in the DNS, and that's it. Oh also, you can create as many aliases as you want.


Check ZOHO Mail website

zoho mail free

5. Crisp

Now that you have created a business address, you want to add a chat so that your users can contact you more easily? A company based in Nantes in France (our neighbors) have created the lightest live chat (130ms to avoid a too heavy loading of your web page, Google likes it)

Crisp's free plan is more than enough for you to chat with your users through your website. Live Chat is a very good way to collect feedback and has been replacing the support email for a few years now.

Check Crisp website

crisp live chat

6. Upfeed

Your users can chat with you to send you feedback, but you still don't have a way to know which feature would be the most popular for your users? Upfeed is a feature requests tool for SaaS companies. Customer feedback can be challenging to implement and use for SaaS companies, Upfeed makes it simple. No more asking friends, family, or employees to rate your product or service. No more sifting through emails and chats to find the meaningful bits of feedback that matter the most to you. With Upfeed you can easily embed a feedback form onto your website or add it as a widget on your social media channels. Customers from all over the world will give you actionable feedback on any feature of your product that they use.

And since we are also a startup, we offer you a free unlimited plan, ask us by chat, we would be happy to offer you a free customizable feedback board for your tool.

Go to Upfeed website

upfeed customer feedback feature-voting


7. Zapier

Zapier allows you to automate all your tasks quickly and easily. The power of Zapier? Its 1600 integrated apps that allow you to connect to any SaaS application in just a few clicks.

Go to Zapier website

8. Phantombuster

Phantombuster is the SaaS tool of the growth hacker, it allows you to automate several scenarios, to automate your prospecting, to extract data... In short, an all-in-one tool to have on the side as soon as you manipulate data. Phantombuster has a free plan limiting to one action for 10 minutes / day.

Check Phantombuster website

phantombuster free automation

9. MailerLite

Mailerlite is a tool to manage your email campaigns. Their strong point? Very simple campaign automation. MailerLite is a simple and powerful tool. Their free plan allows you to add up to 1000 contacts and send as many campaigns as you want.

Check Mailerlite website

mailerlite free email marketing

10. Loom

Need to make a demo video for your users? Loom allows you to record both your screen and your face to make the demo video come alive. Your face will appear in the video bottom left or bottom right according to your wishes. A simple but really handy tool when you create your demo videos. Host them on Vimeo or Youtube, then share them with your users.

Check Loom website

loom video recording free

11. Ubersuggest

Boost your SEO strategy, this is Ubersuggest's motto. Through its analysis tool, Ubersuggest allows you to deduce the right data to build your SEO strategy. Analyze the strategy of your competitors, the different keywords to use according to your topic, the difficulty to position yourself on these keywords.

Check Ubersuggest by Neil Patel website

12. Scout Suggest

If you're looking for content ideas or a whole new set of synonyms and modifiers to add to your articles Scout Suggest is for you. We've already helped 10s of thousands of search marketers find unique keyword ideas for their SEO campaigns Simply choose your language and location, enter your keywords to quickly generate 1000s of related terms, questions and phrases related to your terms.

At Upfeed we use Scout Suggest daily for SEO strategy.

Check Scout Suggest website

scout suggestion keyword seo


13. Grammarly

The last tool and not the least, Grammarly. We all make mistakes, let's admit it :)

Grammarly is already well known, but we couldn't remove it from this list, oh how attached we are to the orthography. This little free extension is saving us on a daily basis!

Check Grammarly website

grammarly free tool AI Powered



So, these are the 13 best free SaaS tools according to us.Hoping to have introduced you some tools you didn't know. 

Of course this list is not exhaustive and we promise to update this list as soon as we discover an incredible new Free SaaS tool to kickstart your business when you launch.

In the meantime, if you would like to take advantage of our secret plan to get a free one-year subscription, just send us a message mentioning this article, we would be grateful to let you benefit from Upfeed.

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