Embed your feedback boards on your website

Feb 9, 2021
Feb 9, 2021
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Embed your feedback boards on your Webflow, Wordpress, Super.so, custom HTML website

Feedback boards are a great way to collect customer feedback, and to help better improve your product or service.

But getting them on your website can be challenging, as you need to create forms that go into a spreadsheet. Upfeed has made things more simple for you, allowing you to embed these feedback boards directly onto your website.

Let your users vote on your next features without leaving your website

Sales and lead generation is one of the most critical components to any company’s growth. With the current digital age, everybody wants to create websites and web applications that can help them get more leads. A great way for companies to do this is by adding a feedback board on their website or web application. This gives users the opportunity to leave feedback which helps companies identify any issues while also helping users feel like something they said might actually make an impact on the company.

Many of you asked us to create this feature. Follow this little tutorial:

How to integrate embed boards on your website.

embed feedback board feature-voting

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