The power of feature-voting for your business

Jan 3, 2021
Jan 3, 2021
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If you're reading this article, it's because you're looking to collect feedback on the next features you're developing for your product with feature-voting. Right?

Whether you are a SaaS, a product manager, an online bank, a video-game or another business, you are at the right place to find out how to collect votes from your users.

In a previous article we saw how to collect effective feedback for your saas in the best possible way.

The benefits of voting

As we all know, voting is a very effective way to make a decision. Voting, if used by the majority, then it becomes a tool to decide which decision will have priority. Voting is used for elections, for new laws, to elect a new candidate, to decide who will be your class representative at school... In short, voting is a powerful way to convince and make quick decisions taking into account the common opinion.

In 2021, we vote for many other situations and uses-cases. When two or more people have to agree to make a choice, then there must be a voting situation. If you are 3 partners, then you must be the majority to agree. Well the vote can now be applied to the solution you are working on. 

As Bleacher Report explains in its video, the importance of voting is crucial in the development of any situation. The majority must be taken into account.

“"My voice matters." "My life matters." NBA players and the NBPA explain the importance of voting and what issues matter to them this election season.”

Are you a SaaS? 

Let your users vote for the features they want to see on your product.

Are you an online bank? 

Let your users choose what else they would like to see in their app.

Are you working on your MVP?

Ask your first users to vote for the integrations they would like to see in your software. This will reassure them and they will love to develop the software with you.

Collect votes to build your next features

Ask your users should be the number one rule when you start working on your project. Feedback from your users will be the most important thing to make your business work well in the long run.

You are a product manager in a company and you are looking for feedback for your software? It's a good choice since feature voting is the best way to build a relationship between your users and your product team. 

Let's say you want to say no to one of your users asking for a new feature. Your user will be disappointed, so offer him a solution and get him to co-develop the product with you so that it integrates your vision of the product. The feedback loop will then be completed.

Collect votes to build your next integrations

Asking your user to vote for an integration you want to add to your software is the same as asking for a feature. That said, it is a very good way to develop your product and start on a good foundation by building the right integrations at a pivotal time in the development of your product.

Like Grunly, one of our users. During its beta phase, Grunly collects votes from users in order to develop the right integrations for the development of the tool.

grunly feature voting integration

Highlights :

  • This will allow them to focus on the right integrations
  • No emails to send, everything is integrated on Upfeed
  • Required registration on Upfeed to vote, therefore spam filtering

Use the vote to manage new ideas

You have new ideas but don't know how to prioritize them? Use the voting method and you will see that everything will go faster. With Upfeed you can collect and prioritize ideas, in one single place.

As soon as you receive your first votes, you will be able to exchange with the people who submitted their idea in order to understand why they submitted this idea or vote. This will help you to understand your choice and to plan effective actions in the development of your product.

The power of feature-voting for your business

In summary, yes voting is a powerful tool, and it can be even more powerful when applied to your business. Many use-cases exist to use a feature-voting tool. We created Upfeed to allow you to collect feedback and gather ideas from your users within a single interface. You can try Upfeed for free for 7 days.

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