Why and how to use customer feedback? (our 3 best tools)

Oct 27, 2020
Jan 1, 2021
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What is customer feedback?

Customer feedback is the fact of collect feedback from its users. Whether you are a SaaS owner, a product owner, an owner of a new trendy online bank... In short, whether you are an innovator in your field and you have an application, you are always looking for feedback from your users to improve your product.

Which tool to gather the best customer feedback?

Several concrete tools exist and respond to this need for feedback:

  • Live chat to get real-time feedback from your users and potentially report a bug.
  • Popup widgets to get a return with an innovative and customizable UX
  • A feature-voting solution for your users to add new suggestions and vote for those proposed by other users. 

(Spoiler: We suggest the latest, not because we offer this solution at Upfeed, but because we focus on customer feedback unlike other solutions).

Live chat to gather real-time feedback

At Upfeed, we use a live chat solution such as Intercom or Gist for several reasons. Being able to respond in real time to these users avoids the feeling of abandonment and reduces churn. Exchanging by message brings users closer to the product and is a better human approach rather than a conventional email exchange. By real time message, the user can say more about the product and express his needs. In our last product, we were tagging the messages we received and this was automatically added to a Trello board, but honestly it’s a bit annoying.

Pros :

  • Live chat is a good way to exchange for support or to answer other relevant questions.

Cons : 

  • Boards are frozen, they can't be commented by several users.
  • Difficult to scale if many proposals are made by users
  • No follow-up from the user who submitted the initial suggestion

Popup solutions to get feedback with great UX

Popup solutions such as Popkit or Useproof are very good solutions to help you deliver instant and time-limited messages. These tools also integrate social proof notifications that allow your users to activate faster on your site. You can also configure a popup to collect feedback from your users, which we have already tested. Configure an NPS popup for a few seconds and your users will be prompted to click and rate your service on a scale from 1 to 5 (editable) and then add a comment to get customer feedback that goes beyond a rating. This feedback is instantaneous and thorough thanks to the use of popup.

customer feedback popup popkit
Example of feedback popup on Popkit website

Pros :

  • These popup notifications can be configured and can be closed if usage is too intrusive. 
  • This allows us to collect feedback in an innovative way

Cons : 

  • Limited use
  • Difficult to detect the right moment to make a popup appear and get the right user feedback

A feature-voting solution (custom board to collect suggestion)

Voting boards are a really great idea. On the one hand your users can consult your roadmap and see what features you are developing. On the other hand they can create and vote for features already proposed by other users. This effect is very stimulating for your users, they can fully integrate into your solution and feel invested in its development.

After spending a long time looking for the perfect solution to this kind of problem, we have created Upfeed which allows you to :

  • Collect feature requests
  • Allows to vote & comment for existing features
  • To build your product roadmap
  • Display your changelog to show your users the latest features you have developed and deployed on your product

customer feedback feature upfeed
Example of a board to collect feedback from your customers on Upfeed

Pros :

  • Your users feel involved in the product
  • Moderate suggestions and get new suggestions on an innovative feature-voting board
  • Your users vote for the features they would like to see in priority

Do I need a feature-voting tool for my product?

In summary if you have a product with users, whether you have a SaaS product, a community or build functionality internally, it seems obvious that you need to collect feedback from your collaborators or users. Upfeed is the smartest solution to collect it.
Would you like to try the solution? Take advantage of 7 free days trial. If you read this article until the end, enjoy Upfeed for 30 days for free with the XUPFEED30. If the code doesn't work, send us a message by chat, we will generate a new one for you.

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