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Dec 22, 2020
Jan 1, 2021
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What is Trello?

Trello is a communication tool owned by Atlassian, that organizes projects into boards. The benefit of working with a board in this way is that you can see at a glance what is being worked on by whom.

How Trello works?

Trello works by organizing your cards into column boards. The advantage of column lists is that you can move your items one column to the left or right to move a task or feature for example. Trello has other advantages such as the addition of "power ups". You can customize your boards with the help of add-ons that you can add on your workspace.

How to use Trello Roadmap?

As we saw earlier, Trello works in columns, which is quite handy to organize your projects in vertical ways. The advantage of Trello to create a roadmap of your product is the customization of the columns. For example you can change the title, colors etc... the customization possibilities of your board are almost infinite.

To create your roadmap on Trello you can for example add a "power-ups" vote so that your users can vote on each feature you add to Trello. The inconvenience of this method is that your users can't add new feedback and you are the only one who can add tasks to your roadmap on Trello.

To build your roadmap on Trello we will need an example. Let's take the example of the Combin Roadmap made on Trello

trello roadmap combin

On the Trello roadmap of Combin there are several columns:

  • About the Roadmap
  • Exploring
  • In Progress
  • Done
  • Leaving it for now

Can I create a Gantt chart on Trello?

No, you cannot create a Gantt chart on Trello to plan your roadmap. At Upfeed we recommend the use of columns to create your Roadmap in order to get a clearer and simpler overview of the features to build on your product.

Which power-ups to use for Roadmap on Trello?

In order to add votes on your Trello roadmap and allow your users to vote on your tasks, we recommend you this power-ups by Trello :

add vote on trello

Why Upfeed is a better alternative to Trello for Roadmap?

At Upfeed we care about your users' feedback and we have developed a better alternative to Trello Roadmap to set up a roadmap for your product / service. Trello is very limited to create your roadmap and may limit your users to interact with your board so you won't necessarily build the right features.

If you still haven't been convinced after this article to try Upfeed to create your roadmap and collect feature requests, you can always check out 8 Examples of Best Public Roadmap.

Upfeed allows you to :

  • Create several feedbacks boards
  • To receive feedback from your users
  • Create a custom domain for your company to receive feedback
  • Embed your feedback boards directly in your website
  • Build your public roadmap and share the link with your users
  • Your users vote for feedbacks and add new ones.

The Upfeed Roadmap is organized as you can see below according to 3 customizable categories :

  • Planned
  • In Progress
  • Complete

This allows your users to see right away what features you are currently developing for your product. So they can also add their feedback and vote for existing ones.

trello roadmap upfeed

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