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Upfeed is UP — Status June 10th

Upfeed team
Jun 9, 2021
Jun 10, 2021
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Why Upfeed was down?

On June 8th around noon (at the same time as the giant breakdown that affected the CDN fastly — learn more), we've faced an issue with our cloud service provider (hosted by GoDaddy). We are sorry about this situation. Now everything is back in order, Upfeed is UP.


  • June 8th (1pm GMT+2): On June 8th, we received a Slack alert telling us that our server is down 😨 — A few minutes later we contacted GoDaddy support (where our server is hosted) — The support department tells us that they deleted our server by "mistake", well... 🤨
  • June 9th: The support assured us that they will have our server back up as of June 10th and promises a progressive return to normal.
  • June 10th (3 pm GMT+2): Upfeed was down for more than 48h, it's now fixed and Upfeed is back live.

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