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The goal of a product team should be to build the features that customers want. But how do you find out what they want?
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Your users will add new features

How do you know if you’re building the right features for the right people? It sounds deceptively simple but only comes through rigorous customer research. One of the best ways to get this information is through user feedback that goes beyond feature requests to understand why users are looking for features in the first place. This also helps a lot with prioritization when you have multiple teams working on different features and you need to decide which ones are more relevant than others.

Feature requests are reassurance

Feature requests are great. It means your software is being used! However, when they first start, it may be hard to remember everything. After a while, you may not want one feature within the software to hold up other features or improvements. If you’re overwhelmed about taking every request seriously, Upfeed can help you out.

When you’re running a SaaS product, there’s a constant flow of feature requests from your users. This makes tracking those requests crucial to creating an effective product. Feature tracking can also help you identify what users want and most importantly what they dislike. With all those incoming requests how are you going to manage everything? Upfeed is the answer!

Your users will love to follow your growth

Feature requests are one thing every SaaS company wants. It means your users love your product so much they want more out of it than you currently offer. This is one reason feature requests have grown in popularity since 2013 — you can see how feature requests can help you grow your business. Recording and managing those feature requests is no easy task, but we have a solution for that. We built Upfeed to make recording feature requests simple and our customers use it to build more engaging products.

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