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How to add a feedback on Roadmap?

Learn how to move feedback on your Roadmap

Let's say you already have an account on Upfeed, that you have already received or created your first feedbacks, you are now looking to move feedbacks in your Roadmap? Let's see this by following these 3 steps.

Go to your dashboard

1. Once you logged in, go to your admin. Then click on one of your feedback boards.

feedback board upfeed

2. Once you are on your feedback board, you will see the feedbacks you have received or created.

By default, the feedbacks that are created have the status "Open".

feedback status upfeed

3. Your public roadmap accessible from your feedback page has a default status of "Planned" "In Progress" "Complete".

To place a feedback in the "Planned" tab of your Roadmap, you will have to apply the status "Planned".

public roadmap upfeed
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Updated on
December 18, 2020

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